2-Stage Sidekick™ Torque Reaction Arms

Tool Support Systems


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Screwfeeders and Presenters
Overhead Runway Tool Supports
Tool Balancers and Load Positioning Systems
Torque Wrenches and Drivers
Mounts on any Nasco Tool Support. Unexcelled mounting flexibility to satisfy all assembly requirements and constraints. No torque reaction up to 200 in-lbs.

Mounts instantly on any Nasco tool support. Easy to assemble-no tools required. Telescoping unit provides complete freedom of movement. System includes adjustable post clamp, swivel air manifold, 1/4 by 1/4 and 1/4 by 1/8 NPT steel nipples for air tool hook-up, 1/4 plugs, bale and 2-stage Telescoping Torque Reaction Arm.

Note: Reach may vary slightly due to air tool size. Minimum and maximum reach may be increased or decreased by resetting position of clamp.

B1-SK2-18*, 24* or 30*
All units include B1-S tool support with swivel boom, 2-5 lb. balancer, 1/4x 6ft. long air hose, air hose clamp, bench mounting screws and 2-Stage Telescoping Torque Reaction Arm. -E models for electric tools includes a SK-ETM electric tool mount and eliminates the air accessories.

* Designates boom length and matching 2-Stage Sidekick.

Add suffix -E for electric tools.