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Nasco Sidekickô Torque Reaction Arms


Air and electric powered hand tools commonly used in assembly applications will produce an undesirable torque reaction normally transmitted to an operatorís hand. It is this torque reaction that can produce, over a period of time, injuries of the hands, wrists and fingers. It can also exacerbate similar, previously induced injuries. Commonly referred to as repetitive stress syndrome or cumulative trauma disorder, these injuries can result in reduced productivity, employee absenteeism and higher employer insurance costs. These costs can be more than offset by incorporating Nascoís Sidekick Torque Reaction Arms into the assembly process and workstation design. The Sidekick Torque Reaction Arms are designed to absorb the shock transmission of power drivers so that no torque reaction will be transferred to the operatorís hand. In addition to eliminating torque reaction, Nascoís Sidekick Systems balance the weight of the tool, improve tool accessibility and, with many standard models to choose from, provide a more ergonomically desirable workstation.