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Robotic Assembly Station for a Sequentially Sensitive Water Valve

- A quantity of 12 fasteners (#10 x 3/4", truss head) must be screwed into a plastic water valve assembly with a predetermined sequence to provide a proper seal.
- A manually indexed rotary table is provided to load parts to be assembled while robot is inserting screws into another assembly.
- The table is rotated by the operator via two handles provided to position the assembly to the indexed position.
- The operator places two plugs onto two vacuum drivers for insertion into the side of the valve body by means of two linear thrusters at the start of the assembly cycle.
- The assembly cycle is initiated by pressing the start button on the control box. The start button is interlocked with the indexing pin on the rotory table and the system is disabled until properly indexed. Once the system accepts the start command the assembly is locked into position and cannot be moved until the cycle is completed.
- A 2-axis robot positions the Nasco Auto-Extend Driver in the X-Y planes for screwdriving. A linear thruster drives the screws in the Z-axis.
- Two screwfeeders are mounted on a slide-out shelf below the work surface and alternately blowfeed a screw to the driver. Using two feeders with one driver results in a faster drive rate and also provides N+1 redundancy should one feeder malfunction.
- The post mounted lamp provides status information for the operator.
- The entire sequencing is PLC controlled.

Robotic Screwfeeding System

- The parts to be assembled are placed in a holding fixture mounted to a 1/2" aluminum base plate.
- A two hand safety switch initiates the assembly cycle sequenced through a PLC.
- A 2-axis robot positions the Nasco Auto-Extend Driver in the X-Y planes for screwdriving three #8 x 1 - 1/2" plastic threading screws into the assembly.
- A linear thruster drives the screws in the Z-axis.



Autofeed Air Press

- Pins or drive screws are batch loaded into Nascomatic feeder where the parts are blow-fed, upon signal to the air press.
- Presses ranging from 1/4 ton to 1 - 1/2 tons, with stroke lengths varying from 1 to 3 inches are standard.
- Using a two-hand safety switch or foot pedal to initiate the cycle, the pneumatic system uses an ultra -dependable poppet-valve air logic system to sequence and time events to ensure jam-free operation.
- For automatic operation, air or electronic signals can be used to start the feeding and driving sequence.
- A transparent guard can be mounted to comply with OSHA requirements.

2-Axis Multi-Feed System

- A small component is inserted into a holding fixture mounted to a 1/2" thick aluminum plate.
- A two hand safety switch initiates the drive cycle.
- Roller guides with threaded shafts are blowfed to the two Nasco Auto-Extend Drivers and are simultaneously driven into the component by linear thrusters.
- The vertical driver installs two roller guides. Positioning is accomplished using a horizontal linear thruster. An additional linear thruster is fastened to the horizontal driver to accommodate a component of a different configuration.
- The entire sequencing is PLC controlled.


A Complete Assembly and Finishing Station for Shower Door Hinges

- Hinge extrusion are loaded onto a rotary indexing table.
- Mounting brackets are loaded at each end.
- A two hand safety switch initiates the cycle.
- The indexing table positions the next extrusion for assembly.
- Screwfeeders at each end fasten the brackets to the extrusion with three self tapping screws. X-Y-Z positioning is accomplished using linear thrusters at each end.
- Three mounting holes are drilled using autofeed drills mounted to slides for variable positioning.
- The screwfeeder drivers back out the screws half way at one end to allow for field installation while leaving a fully pretapped hole.
- The assembly is removed and a new extrusion is loaded.
- The entire sequencing is PLC controlled.


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