Overhead Runway Tool Support Configurations

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Tool Support Systems


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Screwfeeders and Presenters
Overhead Runway Tool Supports
Tool Balancers and Load Positioning Systems
Torque Wrenches and Drivers

16 Standard System Configurations

Workbenches, balancers and tools not included

Height: Bench Mount 42
Floor Mount 86-3/4 or 96
Length: 4,5,6,8,10 or 12 feet mounting dimension
Boom: 24 or 36
Material: 14 ga., 1-1/2 sq. steel tubing
Finish: Safety white high-gloss baked enamel
  • Bench Mount 3 x 3 base, screws provided
  • Floor Mount 5 x 5 base (Screws not provided)
  • Two supports for lengths up to 6. Three supports for lengths over 6
  • Runway can be mounted at any position along length of booms

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Standard Hardware
Without air fittings:
  • one 4-wheel trolley per runway
  • runway mounting hardware
  • bench mounting hardware
  • two end stops per runway
  • one end clamp per runway
With air fittings:
  • all of the above
  • one 12 coil hose per runway
  • one 2-port manifold per trolley
  • one limp hose per trolley
  • one festooning trolley per 6 per runway
  • two sets of 1/4 or 3/8 air fittings for hook-up to in-house air and quick disconnect fittings for air tools
No special tools required for assembly. Systems over 6 long not shippable via UPS.