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Tool Support Systems


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Screwfeeders and Presenters
Overhead Runway Tool Supports
Tool Balancers and Load Positioning Systems
Torque Wrenches and Drivers

Interchangeable Swivel Booms
To quickly change boom lengths... Like changing sockets on a wrench.

SB18 Standard duty
SB24 Standard duty
SB30 Standard duty
SBH24 Heavy duty with internal trolley
SBH30 Heavy duty with internal trolley
SBH36 Heavy duty with internal trolley

- Heavy duty models have high gloss white enamel finish.
- Tool positioner provided on standard duty; internal trolley available.

Quick Disconnects

Couplers   Plugs
QDC 18F 1/8” NPT Fem. QDP 18F
QDC 18M 1/8” NPT Male QDP 18M
QDC 14F 1/4” NPT Fem. QDP 14F
QDC 14M 1/4” NPT Male QDP 14M
QDC 38F 3/8” NPT Fem. QDP 38F
QDC 38M 3/8” NPT Male QDP 38M

Tool Balancers

TB 1018 to 2.5 lb. capacity
TB 1013 1.5—5 lb. capacity
TB 1014 4.5 — 10 lb. capacity
TBF 0305 5.5- 11 lb. capacity
TBF 0509 9.9- 19.8 lb. capacity
TBF 0915 19.8- 33 lb. capacity


For quick monitoring and control of air pressure, filtration, and lubrication, equipped with filter, regulator, gauge, and lubricator to reduce tool maintenance and down time. FRL factory installed and tested.

Height Extenders

For B1/B2
For BH

Coil Hoses

CH1012 12’ coil hose-1/4” ID
CH1025 25’ coil hose-1/4” ID
CH2012 12’ coil hose-3/8” ID
CH2025 25’ coil hose-3/8” ID

Limp Hoses

LH3006 6’ limp hose-1/4” ID
LH3008 8’ limp hose-1/4” ID
All hoses supplied with swivel connection

Bench Clamps

BC1 061 3” x 3” x 2-5/8” with 1-1/4” opening
BC1062 3” x 3” x 2-5/8” with 1-3/4” opening
BC1063 4” x 4” x 3-5/8” with 1-3/4” opening
BC1064 4” x 4” x 3-5/8” with 1-1/4” opening

2-Stage Sidekick Torque Reaction Arm

Mounts instantly on any Nasco tool support. Easy to assemble-no tools required. Telescoping unit provides complete freedom of movement. System includes adjustable post clamp, swivel air manifold, 1/4” x 1/4” and 1/4” x 1/8” NPT steel nipples for air tool hook-up, 1/4” plugs, balancer clip ring and 2-Stage Telescoping Torque Reaction Arm.

Nasco Sidekick torque reaction arms absorb the shock transmission of power drivers and can reduce hand stress that contributes to carpal tunnel injuries when used properly. No torque reaction from 0-200 in. lbs. will be transferred to the operator’s hand.

Options: Electric tool mount, right angle tool mount.

* Reach may vary slightly due to air tool size. Minimum reach may be decreased by resetting position of the clamp