Nascomatic 2001

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Screwfeeders and Presenters
Overhead Runway Tool Supports
Tool Balancers and Load Positioning Systems
Torque Wrenches and Drivers

- 10 million cycle pneumatic logic element
- Hard chromed stainless steel track
- Patented screw release mechanism (escapement) has only one moving part

- Auto-push-to-start driver
- Quick release air fittings to change bits, clutches, etc...
- Externally adjustable clutch with automatic shut-off

- Drive screws at any angle without jamming, even vertically upward
- Floating stabilizer prevents minor screw head size variations from jamming feeder
- Built-in FRL for system protection

- Modular construction allows alternate uses as production demands change
- Available options for most production requirements
- Unique multidriver and robotic applications available


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